Thursday, October 18, 2012

Be aggressive! Passive aggressive!

I'm so sick of people not talking to the person they're upset with.

My definition of friendship seems to be so much different than most of the people I've met. I miss having a best friend near by who will come over at the drop of a hat when something's wrong, and the knowledge that anything can be fixed by a martini or a good cup of coffee.

The navy ball is tomorrow and I'm not even excited about it. I'd rather be back in Washington with my best friends having a night in playing bus driver. But since that definitely isn't an option the ball it is.. But I wish I could just back out of going and stay home and eat cookies and watch gossip girl.

I feel like I'm being made to change myself by being around these people and I don't like it.

I like me just fine and that's the way I'll stay.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Depression is a dirty whore liar.

When I'm depressed pretty much everything is wrong with the world and nothing makes me happy.

Then the smoke clears and the clouds lift and I realize how much happiness and love is in my life. Like my husband. During the most resent bout with depression I was making myself some over easy fried eggs, my fall back easy food. He asked for some so I gave him mine and there were 2 eggs left for me which was fine except for the fact that I totally broke one and fucked it up to no end.

During my bouts of depression small failures are more like complete melt downs. So I had a complete melt down. In the Kitchen. Over a fucking broken egg. I made my last egg with a bad attitude and grumped around on the couch. (Grumped around = huffing puffing and being generally bitchy but I like grumping around better.)

Then Kevin comes over with the horribly destroyed egg he tried to repair by cooking it anyways with toast and said "Look how good it looks!!" -I wish I would've taken a picture of the deformed little fucker but I didn't (sad face)- .

He makes me laugh and I love him and he loves me in-spite of my craziness and depression. That's how you know it's real love; when after all the magic oooeww goey stuff fades, you can scramble a fucked up egg and everything will be better.

He's my husband and I couldn't be happier

Now, for your viewing pleasure a wedding photo of us being ..... well us :-)

I stinking love him.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet the Fam Bam.

Well, the depression has subsided for now, so lets pretend it never happened :-) . This weekend the hubs has a four day weekend and I only work 1 possibly 2 of the days so it's a time for relaxing and playing with our crazy Pups ( see below)
Thunder is the one rolling happily on his back. It's his favorite thing besides looking out the window to protect us from bugs he sees. Koda is our little girl that has the brown and black markings. This is probably one of my favorite pictures. I love our little family! And of course thats my hubs :-)

Have a great weekend, ya'll!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Lately I've been in hermit mode. I'd rather sleep all day than do anything. I know its that mild depression talking, but some times it's just easier to ride out at home.

So, that being said, I'm going to make good pasta today for dinner, drink coffee and watch TV. It will be better soon. I hope.

But to put a little happiness in the mix, here is a picture of me and the Hubs from a dinner cruise on Lake George a few days ago, it was a really nice night :-)

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some People are Just Ass hats.

I'm pretty sure the title speaks for itself, but it wouldn't be a blog if I didn't elaborate.

So I'm a Vice President in our FRG and I write an article for a local magazine so that wives who don't attend the meetings can know what's going on with our group and what events we have planned for that month.

This fucking guy can't get it through his head that the old VP is no longer writing the article and continues to bug her VIA email to please turn in the article because "it's a week late."

And I said to him " Mother fucker!! If you read your other emails you'd see it was on time! On the 12th like you asked! With an accompanying email asking you to STOP emailing our former VP! You Butt nugget!!  "

I wish. I said to him, "DD I sent this to you on the 12th. PLEASE check your email before talking to the Prez. And PLEASE TAKE THE FORMER CP OFF THE LIST TO CONTACT. SHE NO LONGER DOES IT!"

Yes I used caps lock. Yes, it was probably unprofessional. But it's also unprofessional to not check your email and tell someone it was tardy, so he was MORE unprofessional.

Therefore, he's an unprofessional Ass hat.

P.S. I will be changing people's names, so there's that.

Lets do this shit.

Ok people, I'm going for gold, no fear.

Now let me start out by saying I've SUCKED at blogging before because I'm always afraid of what people will think or say. No more. I've gotten over that. This being said I'll tell you a tid bit about myself.

My name is Katie (katelin) Lirette Reynolds. I grew up in the Great State of Washington, Tacoma to be exact and have MAJOR area code hometown pride. I met an amazing fellow named Kevin and we fell in lurrve and what not. Our lurrve moved me to Upstate New York and I'm now a Navy wife.




Being a Navy wife is something I'm proud of sure, but my hubs won't always be in the Navy, so it is just a piece of our story, so it will also be only a piece of my story here. Yes, there will be rants about it, but it won't be every post, SO CALM DOWN. SHIT.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy oddness comedy that is my life.