Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some People are Just Ass hats.

I'm pretty sure the title speaks for itself, but it wouldn't be a blog if I didn't elaborate.

So I'm a Vice President in our FRG and I write an article for a local magazine so that wives who don't attend the meetings can know what's going on with our group and what events we have planned for that month.

This fucking guy can't get it through his head that the old VP is no longer writing the article and continues to bug her VIA email to please turn in the article because "it's a week late."

And I said to him " Mother fucker!! If you read your other emails you'd see it was on time! On the 12th like you asked! With an accompanying email asking you to STOP emailing our former VP! You Butt nugget!!  "

I wish. I said to him, "DD I sent this to you on the 12th. PLEASE check your email before talking to the Prez. And PLEASE TAKE THE FORMER CP OFF THE LIST TO CONTACT. SHE NO LONGER DOES IT!"

Yes I used caps lock. Yes, it was probably unprofessional. But it's also unprofessional to not check your email and tell someone it was tardy, so he was MORE unprofessional.

Therefore, he's an unprofessional Ass hat.

P.S. I will be changing people's names, so there's that.

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