Thursday, September 6, 2012

Depression is a dirty whore liar.

When I'm depressed pretty much everything is wrong with the world and nothing makes me happy.

Then the smoke clears and the clouds lift and I realize how much happiness and love is in my life. Like my husband. During the most resent bout with depression I was making myself some over easy fried eggs, my fall back easy food. He asked for some so I gave him mine and there were 2 eggs left for me which was fine except for the fact that I totally broke one and fucked it up to no end.

During my bouts of depression small failures are more like complete melt downs. So I had a complete melt down. In the Kitchen. Over a fucking broken egg. I made my last egg with a bad attitude and grumped around on the couch. (Grumped around = huffing puffing and being generally bitchy but I like grumping around better.)

Then Kevin comes over with the horribly destroyed egg he tried to repair by cooking it anyways with toast and said "Look how good it looks!!" -I wish I would've taken a picture of the deformed little fucker but I didn't (sad face)- .

He makes me laugh and I love him and he loves me in-spite of my craziness and depression. That's how you know it's real love; when after all the magic oooeww goey stuff fades, you can scramble a fucked up egg and everything will be better.

He's my husband and I couldn't be happier

Now, for your viewing pleasure a wedding photo of us being ..... well us :-)

I stinking love him.